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Important Facts about COVID-19

#1: It’s a virus.  Most common symptoms are: loss of taste and/or smell, cough, fever, body aches, and general weakness or fatigue.

#2: If you are sick, no matter what virus you may have, you should stay home to prevent spreading it to others.

#3: Call the doctor or your local emergency room if you are having any breathing difficulties—DO NOT just show up at your doctor’s office or ER without talking to them FIRST!!

#4: Local health departments are not providing treatment or screenings—these must all be done by a doctor.

In light of the ongoing coverage of this particular virus, we need to keep in mind a few things:

  • COVID-19 has a whole range of severity—not everyone who gets COVID-19 has a serious illness and many have an uncomplicated recovery

  • COVID-19 can become a serious issue for certain people in our population—the elderly and those with other health conditions. Limiting time out and about is totally appropriate for these groups.

  • COVID-19 only becomes a serious health issue when it causes breathing problems—again, not everyone gets very ill with this virus (as is true with all viruses), so if you develop breathing problems, this would be a reason to contact your doctor or an emergency room (call first).

  • COVID-19 transmission can be greatly reduced by doing the same things we’ve always recommended you do to keep from getting the seasonal flu: don’t stand close to other people, wash your hands, cover your cough, don’t touch your face, and if you’re sick please stay home.




Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces with bleach solution (1/4 cup bleach + 4 cups water) or 70% rubbing alcohol.  If using bleach solution, the bleach begins to degrade quickly so you will need to make a new batch each time.  Don’t forget to disinfect doorknobs, light switches and phone receivers.

More COVID-19 facts

What about cleaning?

KIDS COVID VACCINE NOW AVAILABLE AGES 5-11YRS, Also Pfizer 6months - 4 years of age!

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