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Welcome to the Daviess County Health Department!

Public health makes life better. We provide a wide variety of services, from home health visits to health issue counseling, from Immunization Clinics to Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Screenings, from WIC Clinics to Well Baby Clinics -- and other services that may surprise you, such as restaurant inspections, bioterrorism and emergency planning, well water testing, on-site sewer appraisals and permitting, and communicable disease investigation and more.

Disclaimer and Nondiscrimination Statement

All information contained within the Daviess County Health Department's website is intended for educational purposes only and is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment. The information is provided to further the understanding of WIC nutrition and related matters. Consumers should never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something they may have seen on this site. Nutritionists, physicians and other health care professionals are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm information contained on this site. References to any non-governmental entity, product, service, or source of information that may be contained in this site should not be considered an endorsement, either direct or implied, by the Daviess County Health Department. Additionally, the Daviess County Health Department cannot be held responsible for information contained on other sites to which its website may be linked. If any offensive information is found on these sites, we would appreciate immediate notification. In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from Discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, and disability.

Annual Health FairTopic: Health/Fitness
The Daviess County Health Department will host their Annual Health Fair in celebration of Public Health Week. The health fair is Tuesday April 8, 2014, 7AM to 1PM by appointment only. We will start taking appointments on March 17th. Activities planned are special priced labs including Chem. 12, CBC, Lipid Panel, TSH, Hgb-A1C and optional PSA. Also planned are Blood Pressures, healthy living, injury and tobacco prevention, and nutrition information. Daviess county resource booths will be available from local vendors. Everyone will get a packet of health information and gift after their lab is done. The lab costs is $55.00 for women and $60.00 for men due to the PSA. Insurance and Medicare will not be billed and the lab packages cannot be divided and we will NOT do any other labs that day or public health services. Individuals interested in the labs need to drink lots of liquids the day before and be fasting after midnight the night before. Must be 18 or older to have lab drawn. Below is an explanation of all the labs included in this screening.

PSA-Prostate Specific Antigen (Screen for prostate cancer)
TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Chem 12-Glucose,Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Protein, Albumin Globulin, AST, ALT, Bilirubin, Alkaline Phosphatase
CBC- White and Red Blood Cell Count, Hemoglobin, MCV, Hematocrit, MCH, MCHC, RDW, Platelet Count, MPV, Absolute Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Absolute Eosinophils, Absolute Basophils, Neutrophils.
Lipid Panel-Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Cardiac Risk Ratio.
Hgb-A1C-A screening tool used to determine the average blood sugar level in the past 3 months.
We Hope To See You There!

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Immunization/Vaccine Insurance UpdateTopic: All About Us
The Daviess County Health Department will be set up to bill a limited number of private insurance companies for adult and children’s vaccine beginning January 7, 2014. The Affordable Care Act has included immunizations as part of the preventive services you are qualified for with your health insurance usually at no cost to you. Please check with your insurance company to see if you qualify before coming to the health department. At this time we are limited to private insurance billing with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, Cigna, Coventry and United Health Care.

Many people have been asking if we have Zostavax vaccine for shingles available and we do. However, many insurance companies do not pay for it until you are 60 or they pay only a portion. Please check with your private insurance company or Medicare Part D to see if you are eligible. And keep in mind we can only bill the insurance companies listed above.
Federally funded vaccine is also available at little or no cost as usual to those on Medicaid, uninsured or underinsured. We do have a fee, based on your income, for administration of the vaccines; please call the health department to see if you qualify.

For many years we have been able to provide most everyone with vaccine at no cost; however we are no longer allowed to use the federally funded vaccine we receive for those with private health insurance which has led us to apply for billing private health insurance. Please be patient with us as this is a new experience for our facility. Many other health departments have also put this into place and although it has not always been smooth it was a decision made to better serve our community.

Please call 660-663-2414 to speak with Cheryl Alexander, Administrator for questions or concerns or you can email me at

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Fee for ServiceTopic:
Beginning January 1, 2014 the health department implemented a "fee for service" policy based on income. This is a minimal fee based on income and is to cover the rising cost of medical supplies. If you have any questions please call 660-663-2414 or you can email Cheryl Alexander, Administrator, at alexac1@lpha.mopublic,.org
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Happy HolidaysTopic: All About Us
Daviess County Health Department staff and Board of Trustees would like to take this opportunity to wish you all happy, healthy holidays. We appreciate all of our customers and your continued support of our health department. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! See our holiday picture in Photos!
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Environmental Health: Position OpenTopic: Services
The Daviess County Health Department is accepting applications for the position of Environmental Public Health Specialist. This position is part-time depending on the need. Minimum requirements for this position include a bachelor’s degree in environmental health, biology, or a related field or a combination of education and experience in a related field. The position duties include but are not limited to: inspections of food establishments, lodging, childcare facility inspections and sewage. The position could also require you to be cross trained in other duties such as WIC, clerical duties and communicable disease depending on the need. Please send resume by December 30th, 2013 to Cheryl Alexander, Administrator; 609A South Main Street, Gallatin, MO 64640 or you may call 660-663-2414 for more information. Daviess County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer.
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Great American Smoke OutTopic: Health/Fitness
The Great American Smoke Out is coming up on November 21, 2013.
If you are interested in learning more about how to quit smoking or you need support you can call THE MISSOURI TOBACCO QUITLINE at 1800QuitNow. Or maybe you prefer stand-alone web coaching services that are now available and provides an interactive online community that offers learning tools, support, and information about quitting. To register for web-based services, go to www. Complete and submit a brief enrollment form Select Start Registration Select Enroll in Web Coach® and begin!
Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is back for a limited time. One-time-only two-week starter kits are available while supplies last. MO HealthNet callers are referred to their health care providers for NRT, since Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications and NRT are covered Medicaid benefits. To assist individuals who want to quit smoking or using other tobacco products, the Quitline continues to provide services, such as: Texting support services – evidence-based text messages personalized to a participant’s quit plan Telephone-based counseling with a trained quit coach and resource materials.
For more information, contact the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program at 573-522-2820 or visit

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Health Insurance MarketplaceTopic: Services
Starting in January 2014 there are new rules for health insurance. Here are some facts: Most Americans are required to have health insurance; you can compare health insurance plans easily in the new Missouri Health Insurance Marketplace; new health plans are required to cover basic health needs like doctor's visits, prescription drugs, and hospital stays. You may also qualify for financial help to lower your health insurance costs. Some of the questions you may also have could be: Do I qualify for a premium tax credit? or Do I qualify for lower out of pocket costs?
Get help answering these questions and others from the health insurance marketplace navigator. We will have Bonnie Stigall, Navigator at our office to answer questions or show you what you need to do to get on the marketplace on November 5, 2013 from 0900 until 12 noon. Please call us at 660-663-2414 for any questions.

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Flu Shots AvailableTopic: Health/Fitness
Flu Vaccine Available Every Tuesday at a walk-in clinic while supplies last at The Daviess County Health Department from 0800 to 4:00 PM or by appointment on another day! Please call for any questions 660-663-2414. We bill Medicare and Medicaid or ask for a $15.00 donation.
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Cholesterol Month ScreeningsTopic: Health/Fitness
Daviess County Health Department is offering Cholesterol Screenings in September 2013

September is National Cholesterol Awareness Month. The Daviess County Health Department is offering a Lipid Panel for $10.00 on the following dates in September from 8am to 1pm. Tuesday, September 10th and Tuesday September 17th.This is a fasting test and you must not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to the tests. Because this is a screening, you will not need to obtain a doctors order or call for an appointment. You must be 18yrs old or older, walk in on the above dates between 8am and 1pm and be fasting. Your results will be mailed to you on the next day.
The cholesterol screening (lipid panel) includes the following screenings; Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL, HDL, and Cardiac Risk Ratio. The regular price for a lipid panel is $110.00 our cost to you is $10.00. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke, the leading causes of death in the United States. Lowering cholesterol levels reduces the risk of heart disease death among persons either with or without coronary heart disease.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in all body cells. Our bodies use cholesterol to digest food, make hormones, build cell walls, and perform other important functions.

Where Does Cholesterol Come From?

Our bodies make cholesterol in the liver. Dietary cholesterol comes only from animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, and animal fats.
If blood cholesterol is too high, we can have health problems such as narrowing or blocking of blood vessels, heart disease and strokes.

Measuring Blood Cholesterol

o 200 or less is desirable. If your level is less than 200, ask your healthcare provider when you should have it rechecked.
o 200-239 means you are at moderate risk for heart disease and stroke, especially if you have other risk factors such as obesity or high blood pressure, if you are a smoker, or if you have family history of heart disease.
o 240+ means you are at high risk for developing heart disease. Ask your healthcare provider what you can do to lower your cholesterol.

LDL and HDL (parts of total cholesterol)

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)

LDL cholesterol is deposited on artery walls. They cause a waxy buildup called plaque. It is known as “bad cholesterol”.

Optimal LDL levels are less than 100 mg/dl or lower if you have heart disease or diabetes or other risk factors (such as family history of heart disease, or if you smoke).
Optimal LDL levels are less than 130 mg/dl if you have no risk factors for heart disease.

How Can I Lower My LDL Level?

o Lose weight if you are overweight.
o Reduce saturated fat found in dairy products, cheese and meat.
o Reduce hydrogenated fats (trans fats) found in French fries, snack crackers, cookies, baking mixes, shortening, butter and stick margarine.
o Use monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as canola, olive, safflower and sunflower oils when cooking.

High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)

HDL takes extra cholesterol out of the body and is called “good cholesterol”.

Desirable HDL levels are greater than 40 mg/dl.
Optimal levels are greater than 60 mg/dl.
A level of 60 or more is considered protective against heart disease.
To Raise Your HDL Level

o Lose weight if you are overweight.
o Exercise regularly (consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program).
o Don’t smoke.
o Replace saturated fat with unsaturated fats.

What About Triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a fat that the body makes from alcohol, sugar, or excess calories. High triglyceride levels may add to buildup of plaque in the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). High triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease.

o Less than 150 is a normal triglyceride level.
o 150-199 is considered borderline high.
o 200-499 is considered high.
o 500 or more is considered very high.

Decreasing Your Triglycerides

o Lose weight if you are overweight.
o Get regular physical activity (consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program).
o Decrease or avoid alcohol.
o Decrease sugar-containing foods.

The DCHD staff feels it’s important to educate our public and offer these special screenings as much as possible to help our community be more informed because prevention and education is the key to good health. If you are interested but have questions please feel free to call the health dept. at 660-663-2414.

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FREE Mass Tdap Clinic Offered 3 days in JULY!Topic: Health/Fitness
Since the implementation of The Affordable Care Act there have been a lot of changes affecting the Daviess County Health Department’s policies regarding vaccination. The Affordable Care Act requires health insurance to cover preventative services. Immunizations (Shots) are considered preventative services, so they would be covered under your health insurance. That being said the CDC who regulates the vaccines and the funding for Vaccines for Children (VFC) looks at this as, if your insurance covers shots you may not get them free from the local health departments who has this funding. Since October 2012 the DCHD has been required to refer insured clients to their Primary Care Providers. So now that the CDC is not funding vaccines for most everyone they have funds that need to be used! So the CDC has appropriated TDap vaccine to the local health departments to do a Mass Clinic to provide anyone from the age of 11yrs. and up to receive a TDap vaccination. TDap vaccine is Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Most people refer to it as a Tetanus Booster. But this new “Booster” has a boost of Pertussis also to protect our community from outbreaks of whooping cough. We have seen an increase in whooping cough throughout the years and this addition to the Tetanus booster will hopefully decrease those occurrences. Unless you have had a Tdap recently you really should take advantage of this service being provided. ACIP is suggesting that pregnant women get the TDap with every pregnancy in the third trimester. The rationale behind this is the baby will pull the immunity from the mother and have some protection at birth until the baby is able to be vaccinated at 2 months. They also encourage family members of pregnant females to get a Tdap if they are going to be caring for or around the baby. New born babies are at highest risk for Pertussis (whooping Cough) because they have not been immunized yet. As always TDap protects you from Tetanus before and after an injury. Our Clinic Dates will be Tuesday July 23rd 8am to 4pm, Friday July 26th 7am to 3pm (Then closed for the rest of the day) and Tuesday July 30th 8am to 4 pm no appointments needed. Please call with any questions at 660-663-2414. See ads in your local papers. It is the goal of DCHD to be able to bill some private insurance for immunizations by January of 2014.
Also DCHD would like to announce that the sports physicals originally scheduled for August 2nd 2013 will be rescheduled for July 26th 8am to 3:30 pm due to scheduling conflicts. By appointment only. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Home Food Preservation Made Easy ClassesTopic: Sound Advice
The Daviess County Health Department will be hosting a Home Food Preservation Class in conjunction with The University of Missouri Extension office. Janet Hackert, Nutrition/Health Specialist will be presenting the class in 4 sessions starting June 3rd. Each session covers a specific preservation method to use for highest quality and safety in home preserved foods. The class will cover solutions to common canning, freezing and dehydration problems. You will experience hands on with new recipes and have available resources about the latest research. Each class will have a different topic and will be $15.00 for each session, make checks payable to The University of Missouri Extension and mail to 1505 Main Street, Bethany, MO 64424. Session 1 is June 3rd at the health department with the topic of harvesting, preparing and storing produce. Session 2 is June 10th ath First Baptist Church , 511 W. Richardson St. Gallatin will present Home Canning the Safe Way. Session 3 is June 17 at the health department covering boiling water canning and will cover making and preserving salsa.
Session 4 is June 24 at the health department and will cover freezing and dehydrating produce. Each class is on a Monday from 1-3:30PM.
Pre-registration is required, please let us know if you will need special accommodations due to a disability. Class sizes are limited so please call 660-425-6434 first to make sure there is still space available. The health department is not taking the reservations or the money please mail it to the address above or call 660-425-6434 for more information. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.

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Sports PhysicalsTopic: Health/Fitness

The Daviess County Health Department will be offering children’s sports physicals on June 21 and August 2, 2013. The hours are 08:30-3:30 by appointment only, no walk-ins. The physicals will be provided by Dawn Estes, FNP. The child can be between the ages of 6 to 18, a parent must be present, and you must bring your immunization record. Medicaid will be billed if applicable or we ask a $15.00 donation. Please call 660-663-2414 or toll free 866-663-2414 for an appointment Monday thru Friday 0800-4:30. We will be closed on Truman’s Birthday May 8th and Memorial Day May 27th.

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Kids in the Kitchen with Ms. AngieTopic: Health/Fitness
The Daviess county health department will be offering FREE kids cooking classes for 3rd-6th graders this summer. Kids will learn how to cook and get to taste their own dishes. We have two different times available 10:30-12:00 noon and 1-2:30 pm. We will do these on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, July 16 thru 18th and July 23rd thru 25th. Attend one or all classes for FREE. Please call 660-663-2414 or toll free 866-663-2414 to sign up.
Ms. Angie (Family Nutrition Education Program, University of Missouri) will be using the “kids in the kitchen” curriculum and all supplies will be provided.
Come and learn how to cook and have some fun, parents do not have to be present for the class but are welcome to stay.

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